Apology and Site Maintenance

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Apology and Site Maintenance

Post by Jartarf on Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:57 pm

What's up guys! It's Jartarf here, my sincerest apologies for my inactivity from PufflePenguins! It's been 5 years since even my last login and I've returned to check the site, i've noticed it has gained many views even since It's inactivity. I have also noticed some posts that have been made in the last year which have involved inappropriate links and possible virus/malware links that have been posted, not only on the forum - but in the topics to do with helping other users! I just want to stress that this is not the purpose of this forum. This forum's original purpose, was not only for the Club Penguin community, but for everyday people - this includes the younger users, so please, before posting anything inappropriate or harmful, at least consider other people's welfare and respect the being of other people.
On a lighter note, the inappropriate posts have been removed and the users have been banned - the forum will be on maintenance and everything will soon be back in order!

Thanks, if there are any problems - do not hesitate to contact me, any questions or inquiries to help with the site & possibly become a mod - let me know.

- Jar

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