Rules for PufflePenguins

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Rules for PufflePenguins

Post by hazza on Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:49 am

Here are the rules for PufflePenguins
1.Do not flame other people
2.Do not spam forums
3.Do not post inappropriate links/videos/pictures.
3.Do not double post
4.No personal information released
5.Always stay on topic
6.Do not argue with moderators
7.No racism or abuse. Bullying will be dealt with immediately.
8.Do not advertise your sites unless you have permission
9.Do not ask to be staff member
10.No bumping, known as posting on a topic posted ages ago (unless it is relevant to this day)
11. If you have received any abuse of any sort, report the user and make a post in the report section.
12.No double accounts unless its a family member using same ip (Contact staff if so)

Signature  rules:
Please have common sense people
If your sig is too big it will be removed
500x150 is the biggest
No inappropriate texts or pictures.

Thanks for your understanding -

Waddle on
-Haz (Updated by Jartarf)

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